Friday, June 4, 2010

Festival! Forks!

Right now, Ithaca Fest is going on here in upstate New York. One of my roommates and I wandered around for a little bit, eating general tso's chicken from a little booth. Festivals always bring out the most interesting people--I saw a woman who was legitimately dressed like a colorful witch in the 85 degree weather.

At one point we were eating our food and this old woman asked if the chairs next to us were taken and when we said no she sat down right next to us, not moving the chair or anything, and struck up a conversation with us about her spinach curry and the weather. She was sweet though.

Anyway, we walked into a new thrift store and I got a pencil-style dress for 6 dollars and then we headed down the street. The coolest thing we came across was this:

Incase you're wondering, yes, that is a car made of forks. The guy at Fork-Art had everything from little people made of forks playing instruments, to the grim reaper, to a spoon in a coffin, to jewelry. So cool.

This one was awesome too:

This is the first summer of my life where I've discovered how cool fork art is-- Too bad I don't know how to do it. It'd definitely be something cool to try!


  1. that is pretty cool :-), never seen a fork art before. People sure can get creative with any thing.

  2. Glad you're enjoying the Ithaca fest. It's a wonderful celebration of local musicians and artists. Plus, there's lots of good food to nibble on. Sunday in Stewart Park is always a grand event, although the weather on that day has an unhappy tradition of being dreadful. I assume you're a student at IC or Cornell. Hope your experience in Ithaca thus far has been a pleasant one.

  3. Thanks! Ithaca Fest is pretty great, as is the rest of Ihtaca!